Saturdays: $3 a bag for clothing

Fill a brown paper grocery bag with items of clothing on a Saturday and get the whole thing for just $3.00!

Get a lot of the wardrobe items you need without spending a huge chunk of your hard earned cash!

Satisfied Customers!

NEW2YOU is a friendly neighborhood thrift store full of treasures and trivia we can't live without. So many surprises! The clothes are really quality and reasonable.........even the free box has good stuff! There's always something new to choose from.
-- Aya Rose

I have shopped New2You and find the store very clean, well laid out and the prices very fair. We are very fortunate to have such a generous community and great thrift stores. Thanks to all the volunteers that make it possible!
-- Jane H., Mt. Shasta

Anything needed to make it through the week (except food) can be found at New2You - clothing, dining sets, home decor and sports essentials, all in one place and nicely priced.
-- A.M. Mt. Shasta

New2You is one of the nicest second-hand stores I have ever been in: clean, well laid out and a friendly staff. It is always fun to go in and check out what new treasures they have.
-- Julie, Mt. Shasta

I love the New2You shop. You can find great quality items for super low prices. It's so relaxing and fun to find just what you need for only a few dollars. And you know that the money you spend is supporting our community in many ways. Plus, the store atmosphere is clean, well-organized, and attractive. It feels like getting a present for yourself, just to go in the door.
-- G. Renee Getreu, Asset Building Manager and Program Coordinator, JEDI, Mt. Shasta

What a kick! A thrift store presented like a classy boutique! I majorly enjoy shopping there. The fact it's cost-saving ... that's just gravy!
-- Arthur Cronos, Weed, CA

As a customer, I love New2You! You can always find something you need or want. The store is clean and the items are in good shape and they have a great selection. Plus, I love how they spread the wealth. This is a win-win business model!
-- Nancy Swift, Mt. Shasta

I have shopped second hand for 40+ years! Some of the stores were worth returning to time and time again and New2You is definitely one of those. Whenever I need (or want) something ... just about anything really, except maybe a new car or a vacation ... I head on out to the blue building to see what I can find. I don't always find precisely what I'm searching for, but I DO always find something! The ladies are so friendly and so helpful that I just want to hang out there ... maybe do a bit of volunteering to help them clear through the piles of donations that come in each day. It's fun; it's well organized, and it's definitely affordable. If you're not rollin' in dough ... and most of us aren't ... I suggest you get yourself down to New2You to see what you can find to brighten your day, your home or your wardrobe.
-- K. Kalyana Mitta, Mt. Shasta

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